Mike “Biggs” Kallio, who you may know from his piano and celesta performance on our “Museum TV Station” EP, just had his seven-second-long “Plugs” jingle featured on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast!

Composed and performed by Biggs, it was recorded and arranged at Bumbleplex Studio by the two of us in a feverish dervish of pure creative inspiration, and can be heard at the 1:27:00 mark in episode 587.

Meanwhile, I’ve been ramping up my personal online branding in the form of a new artist website, http://www.josephckrause.com. Since my big projects often have a lot of activity followed by a lot of nothing as I switch between them, I realized I needed to put all my stuff in one place and brand it as… me. Zelda and the Unibrows, Erie Canal Theatre, and lots of other collaborations can – should! – now be followed from that site and my recently rejuvenated Instagram grid.

Joseph C. Krause