Zelda and the Unibrows is a quirky multimedia music project from Detroit. It has taken many forms over the years, including albums, videos, blogs and zines. Read on for individual bios, see the chronology for an in-depth catalog of our body of works, go straight to video or straight to music.

Zelda and the Unibrows have been less active in recent years as members pursue other exciting adventures. Best place to catch up with that stuff is over at WAITING FOR LUNCH.

Joseph C. Krause


Joe Krause, (b1980), cofounded Zelda and the Unibrows with Paul Szewczyk, whom he met in third grade. He holds a Media Arts degree and has worked in narrative and documentary film and recorded a bunch of albums for people. Growing up in the Detroit suburbs he worked at a golf course run by his family (seen in the packaging for the “Greens” albm) as well as his dad’s tool and die shop in its last year before closing (seen in the packaging for “Neves-eatnouT”). At a young age he was obsessed with audio recording technology and novelty music. Growing up, he wanted to be a cartoonist, but he was eventually drawn to sound more than vision.

Good thing, too – at 25, Joe was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease, which is similar to macular degeneration, and for which he is contributing to science by participating in a current Cleveland Clinic study. Visual impairment and giving up driving has resulted in his advocacy for better public transportation.

In 2015 he co-founded Erie Canal Theatre, which creates “animation for your ears” via their podcast.

The City of Detroit is another passion. Joe runs a business called “Backseat Detroit Tours”, in which he hops in clients’ cars as a backseat-driver and tour guide. Joe has been vegetarian since 1999, he has held public office by receiving only fifteen votes, has performed on the Second City stage, has been an agnostic wedding officiant, presided over the top-rated Airbnb spot in the city, founded a comedy troupe, and most recently appeared on radio and stage in New York. Joe lives in Downtown Detroit with his partner Matt.

Paul Szewczyk


“Szewczyk” is the original Polish spelling of Paul’s surname, which was Americanized to “Sewick” when his family immigrated to the states. Paul composes most of the music for Zatu and is lurking behind the scenes on stuff where Joe takes all the credit. He works as a bookkeeper and writes the blogs Corktown History and Detroit Urbanism, and can typically be found deep within the Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Main Library or fixing up century-old houses.

Jeff Jimison

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 8.32.43 PM

Jeff is ready to strike that tam tam. What poise!

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